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Expert Witnesses

Ajuste de reclamos

Adjustment and preparation
of insurance claims

ing y con forense

Forensic engineering
and forensic accounting

asesorías técnicas

Technical consulting

Revisión de pólizas

Revision of insurance
policy wordings


Conferences and trainings

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Expert Witnesses

The main purpose of an expert witness is to provide experience and technical knowledge to help understand particular issues in legal cases. In the same way, it constitutes a decisive means of allowing the demonstration of facts through a process of technical assessment.

To a large extent, the importance of an expert testimony depends on the objectivity of the expert and the level of specialized technical expertise. It is a process that needs to be entrusted to unbiased professional experts.

More than 30 years of experience with insurance claims allows us to guarantee the level of technical specialization required of expert witnesses in this field.