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Expert Witnesses

Ajuste de reclamos

Adjustment and preparation
of insurance claims

ing y con forense

Forensic engineering
and forensic accounting

asesorías técnicas

Technical consulting

Revisión de pólizas

Revision of insurance
policy wordings


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Forensic engineering and forensic accounting

The objective of forensic investigation is to determine, through science, technology, and engineering, the causes of a failure in a machine or in civil works, and the financial consequences which may arise from that failure.

This objective is reached based on technical analysis, study of materials, revision of designs, construction practices, and assembly processes. Based on the results of technical investigation, we carry out the quantification of losses applying economic and/or financial techniques.

We have experienced professionals specializing in distinct areas of engineering and finance. Supported by our extensive experience and using our own techniques in engineering forensics and forensic accounting, we look at the causes and consequences of a specific event.